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Perceptions they say are the reality. Managing perceptions whether of the Brand or of the Corporate Entity are key to marketing communications.
The PR Division at Shells has been doing this for well over two decades now.
The strongest possible relations with media and the insight into the news business by virtue of owning an associate monthly news magazine ‘The Happening Nagpur’ gives Shells a unique strength in PR which it leverages for its clients.
The PR Division in addition to identifying PR objectives and creating a Strategic Plan offers the following PR services to its clients:

  • PR Advice and Consultancy
  • Creating Newsworthy Stories
  • Creating Media Kits
  • Press Conferences
  • Press Releases
  • Personal Interviews
  • Factory/Location Press Visits
  • Special Features/Events
  • House Journals/Newsletters
  • Crisis Management
  • Views, Analysis & Opinions
  • Press Release Dissemination & Impact Reporting